Design Goals

Dragonchain was designed and built with the intention to be integrated into existing business workflows to be able to provide a flexible blockchain solution.

  1. Ease of integration with existing systems

  2. Ease of development for traditional engineers and programmers unfamiliar with blockchain, distributed systems, and cryptography via the use of containerized smart contracts

  3. Client/server architecture with simple RESTful endpoints

  4. Modular architecture (flexible and expandable for unforeseen applications)

  5. Protection of private business data by default

  6. Fixed period short/fast blocks

  7. Currency agnostic (multi­currency support)

  8. No base currency

  9. Interchain operability with other blockchains (both public and private)

  10. Interaction with a network of other Dragonchain’s capable of ‘checkpointing’ data, with possible sub-consensus

  11. Adoption of standards as they become available (see ​BiTA and ISO Committees)